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Dispensary Manager 101

In this course, you'll learn what a dispensary manager is. This will help you make smart decisions pertaining to applying you management skills to the cannabis industry. No longer will you have to worry about optimizing your resume, brush up on the background of what goes into management in this industry. 

After this course, you will understand what are the basics of running a retail operation and learn more about what it will take to manage a team. So, let's hop in and remove the guesswork when it comes to dispensary management. 

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Lesson 1:

What is a Dispensary Manager?


Learn the role and responsibilities of th Dispensary Manager position- from what is required on a day-to-day to the type of experience best suited for this high impact role.

Lesson 2:

Recreational Management


Managing a recreational dispensary requires a specific skillset to be successful. We'll cover what those skills are in this lesson.

Lesson 3:

Medical Management


Medical dispensary management is a blend of patient care and people management. Learn the basics in this lesson.

Lesson 4:



A summary of the previous lessons to set. you up for success!

What You'll Learn

A clear definition on the roles and responsibilities of a Dispensary Manager, along with the expectations for the role.

The difference between a recreation and medical dispensary and it's management requirements. 

Learn how to capture the attention of prospective employers by leveraging your previous experience to stand out!

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