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Packager 101

In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of product packaging in the cannabis industry.

After this course, you will have the knowledge and understanding necessary to communicate how you can thrive in a Packaging role within the cannabis industry! 



Lesson 1:



Let's set the agenda of what we'll cover in Packaging 101. We'll review the course curriculum and set our course forward!

Lesson 2:

Cannabis Grow


Know the ins and outs of grow and the role it plays in the cannabis industry. Trimmers spend a ton of time at a grow operation. Learn why!

Lesson 3:



All about edibles - a growing segment of legal cannabis consumption.

Lesson 4:



Still the most popular method of cannabis consumption, flower comprises a substantial portion of packaging and labeling.

Lesson 5:



All about concentrates - a growing segment of cannabis consumption.

Lesson 6:

Weighing Products


Accurately measuring products before packaging is a vital part of a cannabis packagers duties.

Lesson 7:

Organizational Skills


A lesson on the importance of staying organized while packaging and labeling.

Lesson 8:



Maintaining a compliant process is a must in the heavily regulated cannabis industry.

Lesson 9:

Labeling Cannabis


Labeling errors are not acceptable in the cannabis industry. This lesson will cover the ins and outs.

Lesson 10:

Other Duties


A lesson on the other duties a packager/labeler may find themselves responsible for.

Lesson 11:

Experience and Education


A lesson reviewing the experience and educational requirements for this position.

Lesson 12:



A quick guide to help you set your expectation on pay for this role.

Lesson 13:



A summary of the coursework completed.

What You'll Learn

Learn what a cannabis grow is and it's role in the packaging process.

All about edibles and how they are packaged and delivered.

Easily understand the difference between basic compliance related principles.

The experience and education that employers are looking for in this role.

An overview of the compensation for packaging and labeling roles. 

Why proper labeling is critical to the success of a cannabis business.

Ready to get started?