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Sales Rep 101

In this course, you'll learn how the basics of a sales role in the cannabis industry. 

After this course, you will understand what cannabis businesses are looking for in a sales rep, how to stand out when connecting with prospective employers, and where to find the best opportunities! 



Lesson 1:



A quick summary of what to expect from the course!

Lesson 2:



What does it mean to be tenacious and why does it matter? Learn more about this key trait.

Lesson 3:

Self Confidence


Demonstrating confidence in both yourself and the company you represent are key to sales success.

Lesson 4:

The Gift of Gab


Being engaging and controlling the conversation sets top performing sales reps apart.

Lesson 5:

Research Skills


Knowing who to reach out to is just as important as reaching out in the first place. Implementing best practices in your research will drive results!

Lesson 6:

Experience or Willingness to Learn


Whether you are brand-new to the industry or sales, attitude is often the biggest driver of success.

Lesson 7:



Loving what you do is contagious. It informs how prospective clients feel about your product and whether you get the deal.

Lesson 8:

Thinking on Their Feet


The ability to handle objections and come up with creative solutions to problems is an expectation in a rapidly evolving industry.

Lesson 9:

Knowing Where to Look


You've got the skills, now you need to know where to look to find the opportunities!

What You'll Learn

Why you need to be tenacious in the world of cannabis sales and how it makes you a top performer.

How self confidence can propel you to consistent high level sales performance in the cannabis industry/.

What it means to leverage the gift of gab and create an excellent buying experience for your prospects.

Why leveling up your research skills, an often overlooked skill, can yield big results.

Learn how to take your passion for the industry and apply  it to getting sales results.

Find our where to find the best employment opportunities in the industry.

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