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Harvester/Trimmer 101

Harvesting and trimming are two of the most vital roles of a successful cannabis business.

After this course, you will understand what these roles entail, how to best prepare yourself for the job, and what skills are necessary to be a top performing Harvester/Trimmer. 



Lesson 1:



Getting started we'll cover the basics of harvesting and trimming and set the agenda for the course!

Lesson 2:

What does a trimmer do?


Not sure what it takes to be a trimmer in the cannabis industry? This lesson will get you moving in the right direction and increase your knowledge of the cannabis industry.

Lesson 3:

What is a grow?


Know the ins and outs of grow and the role it plays in the cannabis industry. Trimmers spend a ton of time at a grow operation. Learn why!

Lesson 4:



In this lesson we'll explore the key elements of a successful harvest and the role you'll play!

Lesson 5:

Different Trimming Methods


Are you familiar with the different trimming methods? This lesson will empower you with key knowledge for the role.

Lesson 6:

What is needed to trim?


This lesson will cover the tools of the trade for trimming and harvesting.

Lesson 7:



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What You'll Learn

Learn the important role of a trimmer and the role they play in the cannabis industry. 

Find out what a grow is and what it's like to work within one.

Easily understand the fundamentals of a harvest and what that means for your daily life as a trimmer/harvester.

An understanding of the different trimming techniques utilized within the cannabis industry. 

Learn the key equipment utilized in the cannabis industry for trimming and harvesting.

A concise summary of the skills and knowledge required to make it as a trimmer/harvester. 

Ready to get started?