Why EzHire Exists

Lack of HR Tech Investment

Cannabis businesses focus on seed-to-sale and regulatory technology for compliance leaving gaps in their own internal tech stack for HR.

Limited Internal HR Resources

Exponential growth consistently outpaces HR resources and processes leaving Hiring Managers to handle recruiting on their own, slowing growth.

The Industry is Growing Rapidly

New markets are opening across the country. Retail, Cultivation, and Canna-Tech solutions are scaling to meet the demand.

Sounds great. Who is a good fit for EzHire?

EzHire was created to solve the pain points of scaling businesses in the cannabis sector. A good fit generally: 

Works Directly or Indirectly within in the Cannabis Industry

Examples of Direct Cannabis Businesses

Examples here include Dispensaries, Cultivation Sites, Packaging, & Delivery Sevices. These all would be considered "plant-touching" businesses and require (typically) require significant licensing to operate.

Examples of Indirect Cannabis Businesses

These include Testing Labs, Technology Solutions, Holding Companies. They do not directly produce or handle cannabis but they offer services to the industry.

Ideal Fits - Know Anyone at These Companies?

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What’s In It For You?

  • Guaranteed 10% Payout for the lifetime of engagement!

    EzHire Engagements range from $10,000-60,000/month for 60-120 days.

  • Intro and you are Out(ro)

    All you need to do is make the connection. We’ll take it from there. No additional heavy lifting is required. We do not expect you to sell, we expect you to connect!

  • Option to Accrue Equity Position in EzHire

    Point system for receiving equity shares of EzHire Cannabis based on referral type/volume/close rate.

Why We Dont Do Executive Search

See the EzHire Platform

The EzHire Hiring Dashboard delivers a complete overview of the hiring landscape to your referrals. This takes the mystery out of recruiting and allows for a transparent experience.

What We Offer Employers
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