Why go EzHire?

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry has led to an acute need for top talent with the skills to grow your business. A bad hire can set a business back months or even years. The time investment in “making it work” with a hire takes away time you could be spending on other priorities.

Best Candidates


Retail Dispensary Manager

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Cultivation Director



You operate in an industry where there is no shortage of interest from prospective candidates.

  • Do you currently post on job boards?
  • Is your mailbox flooded with hundreds of applicants almost instantly?
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to review each candidate?
  • Is it possible you are missing out on top talent?

EzHire offers a cannabis talent engagement platform designed to connect employers with the best talent- without the ransom.

Video Profiles > Resume

Our database of candidate profiles isn’t just resumes. You will meet and hear directly from curated talent in the industry. Each candidate is put through our proven interview methodology- saving you time normally wasted on phone screens or “taking the recruiters word for it.”

Hiring in cannabis is difficult

On average hiring in the cannabis industry requires 25 hours of internal resources. Our clients report an average time investment of 10 hours per hire allowing them to spend more time on staff training and retention. This time savings = money savings.


10 Hours per hire

Time saving = Money saving

Dedicated Client Success

Your Client Success Manager focuses on gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business priorities and hiring profile. This includes recurring meetings with you to understand your evolving priorities.

The Journey

The candidate's journey is a cycle. That’s why we’ve taken the traditional recruitment funnel — where someone moves from job, to job — and thought about it in a new way. That new way is called the EzHire Process . In the process, each stage of the candidate’s journey is mapped . This creates a clear experience for both candidate and employer.

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"EzHire Cannabis is a top-notch digital recruitment organization. The team found us a highly qualified lab assistant. They saved us valuable time connecting the right candidates for the position we needed. We will continue to work with them in the future for all of our future hires."
Cindy B, The Maine Lab
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"Every harvest we struggled to find the right people for our business. We tried other services and it was always very hit or miss. EzHire brought us talent without the headache."
Adam J, Cultivation Director
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"We got our license 3 months ago after a lengthy wait. When we connected with EzHire the goal was to get us the right people so we could open our doors. After 3 candidate deliveries, we had our staff and opened our doors. 
Bryan M, Partner