2021: Dos & Don'ts of Cannabis Hiring

Jul 28, 2023

This list is a MUST if you plan on hiring in 2021. Get the inside scoop on which trends you should avoid and which are here to stay. 

Welcome to 2021, a pivotal year for the cannabis industry and one that projects to feature exponential growth. With new markets coming online and established markets continuing to mature, it's safe to say hiring in cannabis is going to be a hot topic and one area that cannaprenuers can seek to gain an advantage over the competition. Below we'll take a look at 6 trends in hiring - 3 to avoid and 3 we believe are worth exploring for your business. Let's get started! 


3 Dos for 2021 

1) Leverage video technology in the hiring process 

Let's face it, a lot of people want to work in cannabis. More resumes than you can handle fly in your direction when posting from roles like budtender. Smart business owners will continue to expand their usage of video interviews to streamline the hiring process and find candidates that fit their brand. 

2) Source from other markets

We saw this trend really pick up steam in 2020. With markets like Michigan and Massachusetts ramping up, savvy owners are turning their sites to Washington state and California for experienced candidates looking to move east. This has paid BIG dividends but requires a bit of diligence and support, which leads us to number 3...

3) Follow best practices

As the industry matures so to do the practices implemented in hiring. The industry will continue to lean on dedicated solutions and vendors to advance their hiring process. If you're not sure where to get started, check out some ideas here



3 Don'ts for 2021

1) Fall for gimmicky AI hiring platforms

As the market grows new solutions are emerging designed to match candidates with opportunities based on fancy algorithms and formulas. While this, ultimately, may be the future of hiring it does not appear to be the present. Steering clear of these purported magical hiring bullets would be wise until they have matured. Other sectors, including technology, have seen these services fail miserably. Don't let your business overspend of bad and unnecessary technology. 


2)  Overpay for Top Talent

In line with not falling for gimmicky AI hiring platforms, smart business owners should be aware of opportunities to spend less in the talent acquisition department. Flat-rate placement models will likely pick up steam, given the success we've seen at EzHire Cannabis. This will eliminate the 15-20% ransoms currently being charged by traditional recruiting firms. In an industry flush with interested prospective candidates, talent acquisition costs should be lowered not raised. 

3) Settle for mediocre talent

This one will be a challenge. Hiring can be overwhelming. It can be tempting to settle for a B or C player for your team to get a role filled and keep things moving. We challenge business owners to not settle. The productivity increase you can see with a top level hire is what will fuel your business for years to come. Trust us, it is worth the wait. 



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