4 Cannabis POS Systems that Crush it

Jul 28, 2023

The cannabis industry continues to evolve, and as it does, technology is evolving alongside it. One of the main technologies used by almost every cannabis business is a POS system, and there are four in particular that are especially excellent. 

In this brief article, we will look at the four best POS systems so that you can choose the best one for your cannabis business in 2022. 

What is a POS system?

POS stands for "Point of Sale." You can think of a POS system as being similar to the cash registers used in days gone by. So, when a customer places their order, you enter it into the POS system, which generates the order in your system, calculates the price of the order, allows the customer to pay with various options including cash, credit, and debit, then generates a receipt for the purchase. POS systems are used in retail establishments, bars, restaurants, and just about everywhere else where people place orders or make purchases, including in cannabis shops and dispensaries. 

The Top 4 Cannabis POS Systems

Keep in mind that there are several other cannabis POS systems, but after reviewing them, we can confidently say that these are by far the best, at least in 2022. Each of the following POS systems makes it easy to keep track of your inventory, handle transactions, ensure compliance, and maintain accurate records or your sales. 


Dutchie POS was built with budtenders in mind and boasts a number of features that make managing customer transactions easy and straightforward. The system keeps track of the legal limit for marijuana and cannabis purchases, offers various convenient payment options, and includes awesome delivery features, such as route planning. 

Dutchie can even handle multiple orders on a single delivery manifest, which is a feature that not many other cannabis POS systems offer. Plus, the system includes cultivation tools that allow cannabis business owners to keep track of their plants, track inventory, and monitor order fulfillment in real-time, all from one easy-to-use POS system. 


FlowHub offers many of the same excellent features as Dutchie, including inventory management, compliance, transaction processing, and record-keeping. What's especially great about FlowHub is that the software can run on just about any hardware, including on PC, Mac, and iOS devices. The system is super simple to learn and use, which makes training your budtenders a fast and easy process. 

Another nice feature of FlowHub is that since the system can run on tablets, your staff will be free to wander and interact with customers rather than being tethered behind the register. Customers can place their orders themselves on the tablets and have them fulfilled while your budtenders help educate, inform, and upsell other customers. 


LeafLogix is another cannabis POS system well worth considering, especially if you have multiple locations, as the system can keep track of inventory, maintain accurate records, and manage manifests across all of your different dispensaries. The system has extensive e-Commerce functions built into it, which makes online ordering a breeze while still ensuring compliance with state and federal legislation. 

LeafLogix is highly customizable and can be configured in a ton of different ways so that cannabis business owners can optimize their POS however they want, and the system even features loyalty program integration so that you can optimize your sales retention and generate more repeat business, increasing both customer loyalty and your overall revenue. 

Like Dutchie and FlowHub, LeafLogix POS is clean, modern, and very easy to use, so that your budtenders will be able to manage transactions quickly, decreasing wait times in-store and increasing your overall sales volume. The system also features age verification via an ID scan function, which streamlines compliance, and offers an element of privacy to your customers that will surely be appreciated. 


Last but not least, BLAZE is an excellent cannabis POS system that deserves to be on any best-of list. The system has features that support not only your budtenders but delivery drivers and front-desk staff as well. BLAZE POS allows customers to check themselves in, pre-order products, and track their pending deliveries. For dispensary owners, BLAZE also offers excellent features for tracking inventory, monitoring order fulfillment, and maintaining accurate sales records across all of your different locations. 

Like the other POS systems we've looked at, BLAZE has built-in compliance features so that you always stay within the framework provided by local, state, and federal legislation. BLAZE allows you to instantly launch promotions, add new products, and generate comprehensive reports on a number of different metrics, including in-store sales, online sales, deliveries, and much more, making it one of the best overall POS systems in the cannabis industry. 


POS systems are a major asset for all retail businesses, and the four we've looked at in this article are, without a doubt, the best for cannabis dispensaries and cannabis delivery services. So, if you own or operate a cannabis business, then consider Dutchie, FlowHub, LeafLogix, and Blaze, as you can’t go wrong with any of these exceptional cannabis POS systems. 

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