How to Get a Job as a Cannabis Retail Manager

Jul 28, 2023

Knowledge is power. You might have the right personality to be a cannabis Retail Manager or Budtender. In the world of cannabis hiring, employers also need to be sure you know what it takes to excel.


That all starts with you being able to impress your new bosses. You’re going to need to demonstrate that you understand the products you’ll be selling. Make that a match for your people skills and you’re well on your way.


Read on to find out how to land your dream job as a cannabis Retail Manager.


Prepare like a Pro  


By the time you’ve finished reading up on all things cannabis, you should feel like an expert in the field. Here are some tips to get you started:


  • Understand how cannabis grows and what its properties are
  • Check out the latest cannabis industry trends
  • Research all cannabis-related retail products thoroughly
  • Learn how to speak the language of your customers
  • Make sure you’re across the legal issues related to cannabis sales


Nothing beats a bit of personal cannabis experience. Knowing the effects different varieties can have is a key attribute any cannabis Retail Manager or Budtender should have.


Weed is like wine. It comes in different strengths and flavors. The person who might become your new boss will want to test your knowledge out. They’ll want to be sure you know the difference between indica and sativa, or ice water hash and BHO.


Don’t let them down with a blank look. Stay informed. Make sure you know which blogs and magazines to read to get all the latest information about cannabis. Impress those doing the cannabis hiring by referencing where you get your cannabis news from.


Understand Your Customers


Those involved in cannabis hiring will want to be sure you know what a customer walking into their store is likely to be looking for. You need to wow them with your customer service skills.


A cannabis Retail Manager or Budtender should be across these key factors:


  • Pricing

  • Product quality

  • Potency and the effect of different products

  • Part of your job as a cannabis Retail Manager or Budtender will be to match a customer with their perfect product. There’s likely to be a lot on offer, from varieties of flower to concentrates, and edibles. Great communication skills are key here.

  • The Art of Communication

  • Part of great communication is demonstrating knowledge. It’s also about listening. Make sure that those doing the cannabis hiring know that you understand the questions to ask customers. Here are some of them:

  • How does the customer prefer to consume cannabis

  • Are there any specific types of gear or accessories they’re looking for

  • What sort of effect is the customer wanting and for how long

  • Is there anything new and exciting that you can recommend

  • Are there any extras you might be able to offer at the point of sale

  • A happy customer is one who is likely to return. Part of your job as a cannabis Retail manager or Budtender is to give customers a great shopping experience.

  • Draw on Your Past Experience


The cannabis retail industry is a niche market and has its own particular specialist features. You may never have worked as a cannabis Retail Manager or Budtender before. You’re still likely to have experience you can put to good use.


If you’ve worked as a Retail Manager in a different market, for example, use that experience to impress those who are doing the cannabis hiring.


Understanding Your Transferable Skills


As a successful Retail Manager in the past you’ll have these key transferable skills:

  • Multitasking, problem-solving and troubleshooting

  • Quick and effective decision making

  • Acting as a strong and fair leader who commands respect

  • The ability to motivate staff

  • Strength in organizing and implementing new procedures and processes

  • Being a great communicator

  • Always being the person who can make the first sale of the day

    Have at least one concrete example to hand which demonstrates each of these skills from your past experience. Nothing beats being able to show the people doing the cannabis hiring that you’ve had plenty of relevant experience in the past.


    You’re All Set for a New Career


    Prepare well and be enthusiastic. Convince those doing the cannabis hiring that you’re the right person to be their new cannabis Retail Manager or Budtender. It’s your chance to shine.


    Check out our online Dispensary Manager course here and you’ll be well on the way to securing a great job in one of the fastest-growing industries around.

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