How to use LinkedIn to Network in the Cannabis Industry

Jul 28, 2023

Most professionals agree on a simple premise regardless of industry: growth is earned. Skills take effort to learn and master, experience comes with time, and networking comes down to building community and nurturing relationships. As far as platforms go, LinkedIn is optimized for all three: skills-based learning, career advancement, and networking - it's also one of the most accepting when it comes to cannabis companies, for example, EzHire Cannabis has more than 2,000 followers. 

Getting the most value out of LinkedIn requires you to invest in all three areas. Fortunately, you can get everything you need to turbocharge your growth in one place — LinkedIn Groups. 

With over 2.9 million to choose from, the networking opportunities are endless. That said, if the goal is to evolve your business and expand your network in the cannabis industry, you only need to focus on three:

Let’s explore how to use all three to take the next step in your cannabis career. 

  • Seek community within your industry 

The first point is the most important because no one networks in isolation. Being part of an active, enthusiastic, and supportive community is the simplest way to engage with people in the cannabis industry. 

The three groups listed above have a combined total of 40,000+ members. There’s enough overlap to ensure a healthy exchange of ideas between them, but each one focuses on a specific need shared by its members. 

  • Learn from experts in your community

LinkedIn groups are a hub for new and established names, and they’re driven by seasoned community leaders who have been operating groups and newsletters for 8+ years.  They provide access to insights from leading cannabis experts, who are always keen to share what they know and answer questions. 

Industry leaders also come with an extensive network and often use it to share job opportunities they come across. 

  • Connect with peers, don’t compete 

While it’s tempting to view them as competition, peers account for a large part of any professional network. Networking online makes it easier to form relationships with peers operating outside of your local market, so you can focus on driving each other forward as professionals. 

  • Exchange resources and insights 

Knowledge is a valuable commodity, so why not use it to grow your network? Sharing links to resources, market research, and industry insights is a powerful way to engage with people and spark conversation. 

The Cannabis Group encourages members to add their commentary to links, which makes for enriching content and rewarding exchanges. This gives others a chance to get to know you and keeps the spotlight on the content if you struggle with introductions. 

  • Share knowledge and perspectives 

Beyond what you find, you can also share what you’ve learned working in the cannabis industry. Your experiences, challenges, and goals all inform your perspective, and that can help others in your network expand theirs.  

We’re constantly learning from the stories around us, and sharing knowledge helps us connect through it. 

  • Direct opportunities to your network

If you come across an opportunity that looks good but doesn’t align with your plans, don’t pass it up. Pay it forward! Recommendations are a fantastic networking tool because they offer value to people without expecting anything in return. 

Jobs aren’t the only career opportunity you can offer, either. Invitations to industry events, exclusive programs, and special resources are just as valuable, especially to newer members of your network. 

Whichever opportunities you direct their way, you can’t go wrong with a great mindset. 

  • Support skills development and education  

Reaching your full potential in the cannabis business takes skill, skill takes education, and education requires support. Peer networks are great for sharpening business skills with people on a parallel trajectory to yours. 

The experts in your community are often mentors and teachers. Conversely, less experienced members will appreciate help learning the ropes and developing the skills to break into the industry. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean practicing how to draft a marketing plan or investor pitch. It can be as simple as helping people get comfortable with their roles and responsibilities, sharing educational articles, and inviting them to workshops to help build confidence in their abilities. 

Build your network with a community-driven partner

EzHire is more than a hiring platform; it’s where professionals come to connect with the people, events, and communities that allow the cannabis industry to thrive. We’re here to give you access to tools and spaces that grow your network. Our goal is to help take your business to the next level, one opportunity at a time.

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