Top 5 Ways to NOT Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

Jul 28, 2023

At EzHire Cannabis we see a lot of resumes and candidate video interviews. That experience and the connection we have with our customers has given us some pretty keen insight into the dos and don’ts when trying to enter the fastest growing industry in the country. 

Today we are going to focus on the pitfalls we believe candidates should avoid when applying for the cannabis job they are after. 


#1 Leading with lack of experience 

We see this all the time, as cannabis is a new industry and not everyone can say they have 3-5 years experience, at least not the kind of experience that reflects well with prospective employers (more on that later). As a result, candidates often find themselves explaining away their lack of experience. Let’s be clear, candidates should always be honest about their experience or lack thereof. However, all too often we find candidates leading with this and immediately leaning toward being defensive. 


The fact is when a dispensary is looking for a Patient Care Specialist or Budtender, they do expect a level of knowledge. Fortunately, there are ways to level yourself up professionally without actually working in the industry. Educational services like the EzHire Learning Center provide serious candidates with both free resources to learn the basics. 


#2 Sounding like an amateur or fan


We just covered how it can be challenging to showcase relevant experience if this is your first job in the industry. That said, your employer wants you to be passionate about your work. However, too much passion can be a bad thing. They are also running a business, a very challenging business with loads of government oversight, taxes, and regulatory issues. The last person a dispensary owner wants to bring into their business is someone more interested in the product than the customers. 


  Avoid talking about how much you enjoy using cannabis and do not interview after you have used the product. This may seem obvious but we see it all too often. Cannabis is a serious industry. Working at a producer or processor site requires focus and commitment. You will not get hired if you make this common mistake.

#3 Use the wrong titles

Cannabis is a new industry and a very regionalized one at that. What may be acceptable in one area is considered unprofessional in another. A great example of this is the title given to front line employees at dispensaries. Depending on where you are located, that ranges from Patient Care Specialist to Budtender to Associate. Know which title is applicable for the role. 


When you apply through EzHire we make that clear. Candidates must understand the subtle differences and stick to the job title in the posting. 

#4 Hide your personality 

If there is one thing we’ve learned at EzHire it’s that candidates that are hired are the candidates that stand out for the right reasons. This typically happens during the video cover letter portion of the hiring process. Too often candidates come across as nervous or stiff. We understand this process can feel overwhelming 

and intimidating but the reality is your role typically involves interfacing with customers/patients/co-workers all day. 

Making a video cover letter can we be a challenging process, remember to breathe and be yourself. Our coaching and technology allow candidates to feel less alone during the process and put their best foot forward. 


#5 Knowing it All

If you think lack of experience can be detrimental positioning yourself as an all-knowing oracle of cannabis can be just as damaging. Unless you have a significant backlog of experience and training, oversharing can backfire on you. 

Remember, the legal cannabis space is vastly different from your experience and understanding of cannabis through other means. If you have not leveraged proper cannabis industry training resources, you may want to hold off overextending your knowledge.


If you think you are ready for a career in cannabis, check out our FREE knowledge assessment to see where you stand. 



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