Getting a Cannabis Industry Job: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 28, 2023

There are many obvious reasons to pursue a job in the legal cannabis industry. This dynamic field is growing very quickly, and getting involved now gives you the opportunity to join companies with substantial growth potential.

Landing a cannabis job can be a challenge, however, if you get a chance you know what mistakes to avoid during the interview and hiring process. The following are particularly worth keeping in mind:

Behaving Unprofessionally

You probably know cannabis users have a reputation for being relaxed, “chill” people. Whether this reputation is deserved or not (as different strains have different effects), this may cause you to assume the atmosphere at any cannabis business will be relatively casual.

And that might be the case! However, casual does not mean “unprofessional.” You still need to dress well for your interview, behave the way you would if you interviewing for a job in any other field, and avoid discussing illegal behaviors.

This may in fact be even more important if you want a job in the cannabis industry. Due to “stoner” stereotypes, business owners in this field often seek ways to show the public a professional face. That requires hiring professional employees.

Showing Up Excessively Medicated

Someone who uses cannabis for medicinal purposes might think it’s a good idea to show up to a job interview after using their preferred strain. While this isn’t always a terrible idea — sometimes you may very well need to use a little cannabis to manage a real condition — you should avoid excessive use before an interview, even if it’s just over the phone.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’ll impress a potential employer by demonstrating you already use the types of products they work with. Again, although there may be instances when medicating with cannabis to some degree before an interview helps, the positive impact goes away when you use so much cannabis your performance is impaired, rather than improved.

Not Knowing Enough About Cannabis

It’s not uncommon for people to join new industries out of the belief that doing so will lead to future job growth. Once more, this is a smart reason to look for cannabis industry jobs.

That’s not to say it’s the only reason. Because this industry is young, so are most of the companies operating in it. Thus, they need workers who thoroughly understand their products of services. Applying for a cannabis industry job when you know nothing about cannabis may seem like an easy way to get involved in a growing field, but at this stage, you’re simply more likely to make the wrong impression.

However, a lack of cannabis experience does not mean you are not qualified for these opportunities. It simply means you should educate yourself about the cannabis industry prior to applying for and interviewing with these organizations. Subscribing to industry newsletters, as well as attending trade shows and networking are two great ways to improve your knowledge of the cannabis industry and land your dream job.

Remember these points if you’re eager to find a job in the cannabis industry. Whether you want a job at a dispensary, grow-op, or any other type of business in this field, you need to know what kinds of mistakes can ruin your chances. These are particularly important to avoid.

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