Hiring in the Cannabis Industry: 3 Tips on Attracting Top Talent

Jul 28, 2023

Finding the right employees is key to your success as a cannabis business owner. It doesn’t matter how dedicated and hard-working you are. If you don’t have a dedicated and hard-working team, you can’t thrive.

That’s why it’s important to know what steps you can take to attract the strongest job candidates in the legal cannabis industry.

The following tips will help:

Thoroughly Explain Your Business

Hiring experts always recommend trying to be as accurate and thorough as possible (without sacrificing concision) when writing job listings. You don’t want to waste your time sorting through applications from candidates who aren’t qualified. If people genuinely understand what a job involves, those who are genuinely qualified will apply, while those who are not will likely seek opportunities elsewhere.

This is even more important when recruiting for the legal cannabis industry. Although some businesses in this field, such as dispensaries, are pretty straightforward, there are many other businesses whose specific products and services are a little more complicated. It’s important to attract job applicants who understand what your company does to at least some degree.

Prioritize Branding

This may not seem as though it has much to do with cannabis industry recruitment, but establishing your company’s brand (and making sure the brand is consistent across all marketing content) is essential to finding qualified job applicants.

Many of the companies in the legal cannabis industry are fairly new. Thus, to build their teams, they need to ensure they’re taking steps to get the word out there about their organizations. Quite simply, people are more likely to seek out jobs at companies they know exist.

This is how branding helps. With a consistent brand, you can market your company more effectively, raising its profile among those looking for work in the legal cannabis industry.

Emphasize Growth Opportunities

Attitudes towards work change from one generation to the next. For instance, surveys reveal that Millennials are ambitious. They don’t merely want jobs that involve completing the same tasks every single day. Instead, they want to know they are taking on roles that provide opportunities to grow. If they don’t have these opportunities, they won’t stay at a job very long. 

This is something you need to highlight during the recruitment phase. Make it clear to candidates that you have every intention of expanding your company, and that people who join it now (and are willing to work hard) will have chances to climb the ladder in the future.

This is also key to boosting employee engagement. Research indicates managers who provide employees with growth opportunities tend to see engagement rise as a result. This means their teams are more motivated and passionate than others.

It’s easy to see how that could give a company a competitive edge. Remember that during the cannabis industry recruitment process. Your goal isn’t simply to hire talented employees. Your goal is to hire dedicated people who’ll stay with your company as it grows. Thus, focusing on effective retention is just as important as focusing on effective recruitment.

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