30-Day Onboarding Timeline for Budtenders

Jul 28, 2023

Hiring the best staff for your weed company can be challenging. After all, it’s a relatively new industry and many budtenders are new to the cannabis sector. Unfortunately, the cannabis industry has a high employee turnover. Statistics suggest 40-60% of staff leave within the first two months

It’s a massive problem for the cannabis industry, but your company can be different!

  • What is the Onboarding Stage?

Your company will welcome, train, and support new hires during your onboarding procedure. It’s essential for providing an excellent candidate experience, and you’ll also get to know the employee more. 

The onboarding stage may include:

  1. Sending the offer letter
  2. Finalizing onboarding paperwork
  3. Finishing employment background screening
  4. Finishing first-day activities
  5. Training your staff 
  6. Helping them understand the role 
  7. Offering one-on-one meetings 
  8. Creating a development plan 
  9. Setting KPIs

A 30-day onboarding timeline is perfect for both the company and the employee. Here are some key fundamentals and a step-by-step timeline:

  • Help the Candidate Understand the Company Culture 

The cannabis industry is new and undoubtedly different from many other industries. Therefore, it’s fundamental to help the candidate understand the company culture from the onset. 

If you’ve already hired the candidate, there’s a solid chance they’ll have some understanding of your company culture—but it’s not a certainty. 

You can help them understand the company culture by:

  • Detailing your mission statement. What is your cannabis company’s mission statement? Detail it to your new budtender. They’ll grasp your company’s culture quickly once they understand your company’s values, 
  • Having a clear tone throughout the company - Remember, culture starts at the top, so help the candidate understand the culture of the company leaders and how they communicate it through the company. 

Spend the first couple of days focusing on the company culture. Once they understand it, they can move on to the next part of the onboarding process. 

  • Teach Company Systems and Offer Training Classes

What systems does your cannabis company offer? Now is an excellent time to teach your candidate how these systems work. Training classes are essential for new budtenders because the cannabis industry is unique, and many budtenders have little to no experience

To ensure your new hires are comfortable and maintain solid business processes, spend as much time as you need offering systems training during the 30-day onboarding period. 

  • Teach Your Employee About Your Products 

Once your employee understands the company culture and systems, you can teach them about your cannabis products and clients. Show how your cannabis products are better than your competition. 

Having a team of employees who are experts in your cannabis products is essential for offering outstanding training. 

  • Benefits - What do your clients get when they purchase your cannabis products? Your new hire should know every advantage. 
  • Features - Some cannabis products have extensive features; detail these to your new budtenders. 
  • Uses - Some cannabis products are excellent for a relaxing high, whereas others are better for focus and creativity. Show your new budtenders why clients choose specific plants—such as Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.  

Your budtenders will continuously learn about your products, and cannabis products are constantly evolving. Still, give your budtenders an excellent overview during their first 30 days. 

  • Begin Working on Projects and Meeting Team Members

Now it’s time to let your new budtender begin working on projects and meeting team members. Although your team members are likely busy, guarantee they keep an eye on your new budtenders and be continually open to questions. 

You can slowly allow your budtenders to start working or wait until the day of the 30-day onboarding period; the choice is up to you and depends on the role. However, the sooner they work with cannabis products, the quicker they’ll learn and grow as new hires. 

  • Have Weekly Meetings With Management 

You should offer weekly one-on-one meetings with management during the 30-day onboarding process. These meetings allow your new budtenders to ask questions, voice concerns, and enjoy more training with professionals within the company. 

Your weekly one-on-one meetings should include:

  • Shared goals - Speak with your employee about your goals and their goals. 
  • Feedback - Show the employee how they’re performing and how to improve. 
  • Support - Ensure you show your workers ample support during their first 30 days. If they’re struggling, they’re likely to quit the company. Supportive meetings can prevent this. 

Encourage your budtenders to be as open as possible during these meetings. It can help you improve your onboarding process. Start your weekly meetings once your budtenders begin working more independently. Otherwise, you can start these meetings straight away. 

  • Set Out a Development Plan 

After 30 days, your new budtenders will feel more comfortable at your company. That’s when it’s an excellent time to be transparent with your goals, metrics, and KPIs. Show your budtenders their new targets and how you’ll support them through their journey. 

It’s normal—regardless of the industry—for budtenders to feel overwhelmed by KPIs. However, show them a clear training plan throughout the following months to ensure their growth. 

The development plan should always come at the end of the 30 days. It will enable your staff to prepare for the 60 and 90-day onboarding timelines. 

Final Thoughts 

The cannabis industry doesn’t need to be overly different from other industries. Although there are different rules and regulations, your onboarding process can mirror other industries and deliver the same success. 

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