Why EzHire Cannabis is Acquiring Inhale Digest

Jul 28, 2023

The needs of job seekers, canna-curious onlookers, and employers within the industry have rapidly evolved since we founded EzHire Cannabis in 2019. 

We’ve seen explosive job growth and 13 new states passing legislation to legalize medical or recreational distribution with more to come.

Over the past 3 years, we have connected hundreds of job seekers with the next step in their careers. First, through traditional staffing and recruiting, then via our tech-enabled service model, and now through our own proprietary software platform. We are proud of this and are excited for the future hiring milestones ahead.


However, as a software company, we cannot stop there. 


As the industry has evolved, it has become clear that what matters most is community. A place where all of the aforementioned groups can come together to learn, share, and develop yet-to-be-discovered best practices. Simply put, we needed to find a way to be more than a place where job-seekers & employers connect. Newsletters, social media groups, and alternative channels and forms of communication have exploded in both popularity and scale for both HR professionals and job seekers alike. Our goal is to meet these folks on their terms and allow them to learn and grow with us. 

We're making our first major move in that direction today with an acquisition that we believe will help EzHire deliver on the diverse content needs of job seekers, canna-curious observers, and HR Professionals across the mediums they love & trust. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 12.49.53 PMAs we evaluated the competitive landscape, it became clear that B2B companies in the cannabis industry narrowed their focus on either getting their product/service in front of decision-makers. Most of the content speaks to those already “under the tent”. This narrow focus ignored a vast majority of the addressable market. The canna-curious job seeker that will fill the next 500,000 roles in the industry, the HR professional considering making a jump to fill those 500,000 roles, and the entrepreneur interested in learning more about the industry. 

With that in mind, we started looking for ways to reach this underserved audience, and Inhale Digest became the obvious choice. Jeff Possiel had managed to tap into this market through his community building, newsletter, and, most importantly, his passion for the mission that lies ahead. 

We are excited to share this journey ahead with you and our expanded audience. 

To learn more about our acquisition, click here.

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