4/20 Virtual Events

Jul 28, 2023




There is no doubt things are different this year, but we are so impressed with the virtual events that have been planned. The list we have compiled are ones that are using their platform to raise funds for COVID-19 relief and groups like the Last Prisoner Project

Here is the list!

Come and Toke It

A variety-show live stream hosted by Willie Nelson and will raise money for the Last Prisoner Project.

HighStream 420 Festival

Cannabis events The Emerald Cup and the National Cannabis Festival (which would have taken place in Boston on 4/20) have joined forces to curate a coast-to-coast benefit supporting people impacted by COVID-19.

420 for a Cause

This Colorado community fundraiser for comedians, musicians and service-industry workers financially devastated by event cancellations and restaurant closures due to the coronavirus.

The Great American Sesh In

This online cannabis, music, and arts festival is partnering with California dispensaries and cannabis brands for special 4/20 offers.

All donations collected through the event will benefit the COVID-19 response group Direct Relief.

Chronic Relief

Cannabis event planning and production company Farechild is curating a livestream variety show to benefit Feeding America, a nonprofit that powers food banks and meal programs. Chronic Relief will feature telethon-style musical performances, and interviews with influencers and celebrities.

Higher Together: Sessions from Home 

Weedmaps, a tech platform that lists dispensaries, brands and delivery services, is producing a virtual celebration. Donations to the Last Prisoner Project are encouraged.

Lightshade’s Virtual 4/20 Party

Colorado cannabis company Lightshade, which operates eight dispensaries in Denver and Aurora, is throwing a virtual concert and fundraiser encouraging donations to nonprofits like Urban Peak, which provides services to homeless youth, and hunger relief org Metro Caring.

Have a safe and happy 4/20!

-- Fortuna Business Solutions Team


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