A Farewell to Traditional Recruiting

Jul 28, 2023

On why the traditional recruiting model is obsolete for the cannabis industry and what comes next. 


When we started our journey in 2018 our goal was to learn the industry, which at the time was generating $20 billion dollar cannabis industry. As we sit here in December 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic and incredible economic uncertainty, the cannabis industry stands at a crossroads. November brought us 3 new recreational marketplaces, along with 2 medical states (we see you Mississippi 😉). 




So why are we bidding farewell to traditional recruiting in cannabis? And why should anyone care? 

Perhaps it’s worth taking a moment to explain the traditional recruiting model and why it fails cannabis. In the traditional model, a recruiter has the control. This is sold as a way to alleviate elevated workload from the customer. It comes with a price tag that is often a bit opaque to the customer - it’s a percentage, but what percentage is fair? Is it negotiable? How do I negotiate it? Did I get a good deal? 

If that sounds like an odd way to start a relationship- unclear on whether the other party is taking advantage of you- we agree. That’s why we are breaking that model. The cannabis industry is based on trust. That is what we spent the last 2 years- whether it was in a stranger's car on the way to a grow or at a cannabis industry trade show seeing your smiling faces. We are proud to announce a better way for candidates and cannabis to come together. 


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Odds are if you are in the cannabis industry you are not a fan of taxes- so why are you paying an arbitrary tax to your recruiter? That ends today. EzHire is here to fire your recruiter and grow your business. 

How do we do it? 

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Customer Success not Salesy Recruiters
  • Technology not bureaucracy
  • Customizable Culture-focused video interviews 
  • Flat Rate Placement Fees

Transparent Pricing 

We believe dispensary owners and other first time entrepreneurs should not have to pay an arbitrary ransom to get access to A level talent. Plain and simple, our pricing is consistent. We follow a model that Elon Musk aspired to (but ultimately did not live up to). 


Customer Success vs. Salesy Recruiters

Cannabis business owners and operators do not need to sold to. They need guidance. Our Customer Success team follows one simple principle SOLVE FOR THE CUSTOMER. They win when you win. That means we will trade a short term win for a long term partnership every time. Without question. 


Technology Not Bureaucracy 

We democratize the process by providing profiles not resumes. This means our customers can view and get to know candidates without the friction of a sales person (recruiter) steering the conversation. It also means using technology to enable our clients, not operating in the old way and creating complexity to justify cost. 


Customizable Culture-focused Video Interviews 

Culture matters. Winning cannabis brands focus on culture. Hiring the right candidate is not always as simple as looking at a piece of paper and having a quick meeting. We provide our customers with a menu of tested interview questions following our Culture Creator methodology designed to probe for experience and fit within our organization. 


Flat Rate Placement Fees

As your business grows, you can rest assured you’ll be able to meet the staffing demands. Hires through EzHire are at a guaranteed Flat Rate. Our tiered model is designed to be clear and concise. There are no hidden fees and all hires come with a 30-day replacement period. 


A Final Farewell 

We know it will be hard to let go of recruiters controlling your businesses growth. We know you will miss the back and forth negotiations. You’ll no doubt long for the misalignment of interests. We assure you, it’s time to fire your recruiter. 


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