Four Reasons LinkedIn is Challenging for the Cannabis Industry

Jul 28, 2023


As a company focused on connecting professionals in the cannabis industry, we've thought a lot about how to better connect. What sites people are using to look for jobs? Where companies are going to find the right candidates?

The conversation around cannabis is no longer taboo. With the legalization of cannabis in various states in US as well as counties such as Canada, Uruguay, and South Africa, the industry is bigger than it’s ever been before. However, there are still many challenges, including finding employees that make sense for your company or finding a company that speaks to your passion for the industry.

It’s difficult to find qualified candidates using traditional methods since many people are still reluctant to put their experience in the industry on their resumes or public profiles. While LinkedIn may be the first place many job seekers turn to when searching for employment, it's not always the best option. There are several challenges associated with using LinkedIn for the cannabis industry.

Here’s why it can be challenging to only use LinkedIn 

  • Cannabis is still federally illegal

Even though cannabis is now legal in some form in over half of the United States, it is still illegal at the federal level. Due to this, marketing cannabis can be tricky on LinkedIn, as the company must be careful not to break any laws. Technically, you can't market cannabis products on LinkedIn, but you can still promote your company if it's related to the industry. 

However, this does make it difficult to find qualified candidates in the cannabis industry, as many job seekers are reluctant to publicly acknowledge their experience. Without a reliable pool of experienced candidates or candidates who are watering down their experience to stay within guidelines, businesses may struggle to grow and thrive in the future.

  • Cannabis is considered a "sensitive topic"

While LinkedIn doesn't explicitly ban content related to cannabis, the site does consider it a "sensitive topic." This means that users who discuss cannabis on LinkedIn run the risk of having their account suspended. Many people in the industry have had their accounts suspended or removed entirely for talking about cannabis, even if they weren't promoting its use. 

This makes it difficult for businesses in the cannabis industry to connect with potential employees on LinkedIn. And it also makes it difficult for job seekers to network with others in the industry and learn about new opportunities.

  • There's a lack of transparency around who is actually in the industry

Another challenge associated with using LinkedIn for the cannabis industry is the lack of transparency around who is actually in the industry. Because cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world, many people are unwilling or even can't put their experience in the industry on their LinkedIn profiles.

This makes it difficult for folks to network with others in the industry. There are likely TONS of people who work within or own cannabis companies that don't advertise that on LinkedIn and find other methods or sites to try and connect on. 

  • LinkedIn isn't tailored to the cannabis industry

Unlike other industries, the cannabis industry doesn't have its own specific LinkedIn group or page. This makes it difficult for businesses and job seekers to connect and share information about opportunities.

Additionally, LinkedIn doesn't offer any features that are specifically tailored to the needs of the cannabis industry. For example, the site doesn't allow businesses to target their ads to people who have indicated that they're interested in the industry. The limited options make it difficult for businesses to reach their target audience on LinkedIn.

Things that we think help

  • Join Leafwire

Fortunately, there is a solution for businesses and job seekers in the cannabis industry who are struggling to connect on LinkedIn. Leafwire is a social media platform designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

On Leafwire, businesses can create company pages and post job listings. And because the site is geared towards the cannabis industry, businesses don't have to worry about their page being suspended or removed.

Additionally, users on Leafwire can be open and transparent about their experience in the cannabis industry without fear of having their accounts suspended. This makes it easier for businesses to find qualified candidates and for job seekers to connect with others in the industry.

Think of Leafwire as the LinkedIn or even the Facebook for the cannabis industry, gives you a lot but doesn't get you everything you need and likely isn't catching all the listings.

  • Create and EzHire Cannabis Profile

If you're a business in the cannabis industry, EzHire Cannabis can help you find the qualified employees you need. Our platform is specifically designed for the cannabis industry and offers a variety of features including job postings, candidate tracking, and performance reviews.

And if you're a job seeker, EzHire Cannabis can help you connect with businesses in the industry and learn about new opportunities. We also offer a variety of resources to help you prepare for your job search, including resume tips and interview advice.

EzHire's stand out feature for folks looking for a job in the industry is our video profile option. This short video that you can upload directly to the site gives potential employers a better sense of YOU. Show them your personality, tell them why (in your own words) you want to join the ever growing cannabis industry. Get your face out there, employers love this.

Sign up today and start connecting with the right people for your business or career in the cannabis industry.

Bottom line

LinkedIn can be challenging for businesses and job seekers in the cannabis industry. But with platforms such as Leafwire and EzHire Cannabis, it's easier than ever to connect with the right people in the industry. Start today because who doesn't like things Ez-er? See what I did there ;) 

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