What is an Applicant Tracking System and Why is it Important in the Cannabis Industry?

Jul 28, 2023

We live in a digital age where information travels fast and far. Resumes are no exception as the
workforce continues to grow. With new technology on the rise and more people using it, job seekers
need to learn the best ways to stand out amongst their peers. This includes using an ATS.
With technology and globalization, Applicant Tracking System(s) or ATS, have become essential to
business operations.

What is an ATS?
An ATS is an efficient way for companies to manage their recruitment process. Typically, they are
internet-based software is used to post job listings, hold resumes, and host pre-screening tools like
assessments. The EzHire platform is an ATS. It is a hiring platform that leverages the power of technology to enable
recruiting, staffing, and employee management in the legal US-based cannabis sector. EzHire Cannabis
provides cannabis businesses with a full-cycle solution to post, curate, and interview qualified candidates.

What Makes an ATS Important?
Regardless of the field, job seekers want to show interest, apply to jobs quickly, and get hired. In these
instances, using an ATS, like EzHire, is a smart move. We should always consider that an ATS may:

1. Help People Get the Best Jobs
The technology behind ATS helps employment seekers make the best job connections, in a short
amount of time. These systems, commonly known as business applications, were made to simplify the
work of recruiters and HR managers. Now, they have been proven to help candidates just as much. The
technology allows for job candidates' skills and interests to easily be matched with positions that need to
be filled.

2. Provide the Best Job Candidates
Employers in the cannabis business can utilize an ATS to connect to various job boards. This could
greatly cut down on valuable time and simplify their recruitment process. This guides employers toward
the best candidates for the position they are trying to fill.

Having the top talent to build sales and rapport in the cannabis industry can be a delicate process that
requires coordinated services and expertise. An ATS like EzHire Cannabis is highly useful because it
allows employers to screen and obtain the most suitable candidates for their open job positions.

3. Offer People a Platform to Showcase Their Skills
Cannabis workers, prospective workers, and employers should consider an ATS as a viable way to be
relevant in the cannabis industry. An ATS can be helpful to employees because it offers a platform to
showcase skills and personality. The EzHire platform demonstrates this feature as it allows job
seekers to showcase themselves using video profiles. Research shows that the more candidates showcase
themselves, the more likely they will get a specific position.

Using an ATS, you can find the best candidates for your project and hire more people. An ATS like
EzHire can perfect specialized recruiting for professionals in the cannabis industry.

All in All
We know that recruiters are tasked with searching through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of
resumes to find potential hires. An ATS is one of the best tools to sort through large numbers of
resumes. By using an ATS tool, recruiters can do things like sender scanning, keyword searches, and
automated database sorting. In addition, hiring managers can manage their team performance by
tracking hiring status and reviewing employee task completion.

To maximize growth, job seekers and employers need to look at the benefits of Applicant Tracking
Systems. For candidates, an applicant tracking system will help with job searching, resume presentation,
and connecting with employers. For hiring teams and recruiters, an ATS is a great tool for attracting,
organizing, and selecting talent.

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