Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the difference and which suits YOU best?

Jul 28, 2023

Most people who smoke marijuana or consume other cannabis products, such as concentrates or edibles, are usually aware that there are two main varieties of marijuana: Indica and Sativa. Those who know the difference between these two varieties usually have a preference.
However, those who are new to marijuana may not understand the difference between an Indica strain and a Sativa strain, which can result in them purchasing marijuana that's not well suited for them.
In this brief article, we will explain the main differences between Indica and Sativa. We’ll also make some recommendations about which variety will be best for certain types of people and explain why that is.
What is Indica?
Indica strains generally produce "body highs ." That is to say that they typically cause people to feel relaxed. If you've ever smoked a joint and found that you had a hard time getting off the sofa afterward, then it was probably a strong Indica, as these strains are known for relaxing the muscles in your body, making you feel incredibly comfortable.
Indica strains are also well known for helping people who suffer from insomnia. Therefore, smoking an Indica joint before bed will help you fall asleep, and many people report that they sleep better after smoking or consuming an Indica product before bed.
What type of smoker is Indica best suited for?
Indica is great when you don't need to get things done. When you have time to simply relax and enjoy the effects of the marijuana. Indica strains can cause full-body relaxation which can also aide in helping you get to sleep. 
People who are prone to overthinking or have trouble calming their minds will be better served by an Indica strain as opposed to Sativa strains which can have powerful, although temporary, mind-altering effects.
What is Sativa?
Sativa strains generally produce "head-highs." When most people hear the term "high" in relation to marijuana consumption, they typically think of the head-high associated with smoking Sativa. Sativa strains can help boost creativity; they also produce a strong energizing effect and occasionally have a way of making things seem funny.
If you’ve ever smoked a joint and found yourself laughing hysterically, or coming up with imaginative new thoughts and ideas, then odds are that you smoked a Sativa strain. Unlike Indica, Sativa strains are unlikely to help you sleep as they often have the opposite effect, which is to make you feel wide awake and energized.
What type of smoker is Sativa best suited for?
Sativa is great when you want to watch a movie, play a game, or need a boost in terms of your creativity. If you are feeling stressed, depressed, or anxious, then consuming a Sativa strain can temporarily help alleviate your symptoms by injecting creativity and humor into your day.
That said, there are Indica strains that have Sativa-like effects and Sativa-strains that have Indica-like effects; this is because, in addition to the strain itself, there are a variety of other factors that also play a role in determining the effect of the marijuana, including the means of cultivation, and the terpene profile of the strain. However, you can generally assume that an Indica will help you relax and feel a body-high, while Sativa will give you a head-high, inspiring humor and creativity.
What about hybrids?
Now, you have probably heard the term hybrid before, and in fact, this is the third variety of marijuana. A "hybrid" is a strain of marijuana that is neither an Indica nor a Sativa but rather is a combination of the two. Some hybrids are Indica dominant, whereas others are Sativa dominant, and whichever is the dominant strain in the hybrid will produce the most notable effects.
Hybrids can give you a good mix of body relaxation and creativity, but in most cases, hybrids are best suited for experienced smokers, as they can at times cause anxiety for those who aren't used to their powerful, whole-body effects.
Not all marijuana is created equally. There are different types of marijuana, and each type is known to have different effects. Indica strains typically induce feelings of comfort and relaxation, helping people to calm their minds and combat insomnia. On the other hand, Sativa strains usually produce an uplifting high, inspiring feelings of energy and bursts of humor and creativity. Hybrid strains are a mix of Indica and Sativa, and the effect of a hybrid largely depends on whether it's an Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant strain.

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