Best Ways for Cannabis Businesses to Leverage Indeed

Aug 2, 2021

Hiring in the cannabis business can be challenging. The industry has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years. This boom had led to intense competition for the best hires.

Traditional employment agencies struggle to keep up with several aspects of the legal cannabis trade. As a result, many have a limited understanding of the company culture and the various roles within the industry. 

Here we'll take a look at their recommendations for how to leverage the hiring in the industry.

#1. Use a "Connect Call"

To get the most from their service, Indeed suggests that employers should attend a connect call. These calls are a question-and-answer process designed to develop a recruitment strategy. 

Indeed uses the findings of these calls to build a set of screener questions. They say this process will lead to fine-tuning selection criteria and help connect employers with relevant candidates.

#2. Use Hiring Managers

To improve the hiring process, Indeed suggests that you employ or use a hiring manager. These professionals will review the candidates put forward by Indeed. 

While this might work well for other industries, in some ways, it defeats the purpose of hiring an agency to select the right staff for the industry. 

#3. Display Salary Details

Salary detail transparency improves applicant numbers by 40%.

#4. Quick Reviews

To get the most from their service, Indeed suggests you review each candidate as quickly as possible.

#5. Streamline the Interview Process

Indeed suggest that multiple-step interviews that last more than a day or two are subject to candidate drop-off. They recommend cutting phone interviews and going straight to onsite interviews.


While Indeed's process likely works well across a broad range of sectors, two glaring issues need improvement.

Firstly, it's a lengthy process that requires multiple steps. To get started, employers are asked to attend a meeting and establish a strategy, and then sift through the applicants.

Secondly, by recommending a hiring manager, the onus is placed on the employer and not the recruitment agency. Worryingly, there is little to suggest that Indeed's applicants will make for a good fit in the cannabis industry. Often, specialization is needed to get the best hires, hope this helps! 

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