Best Ways for Cannabis Businesses to Leverage Indeed

Jul 28, 2023

Hiring in the cannabis business can be challenging. The industry has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years. This boom had led to intense competition for the best hires.

Navigating the hiring landscape in the burgeoning cannabis industry presents unique challenges. As the sector experiences unprecedented growth, the competition to attract top talent has intensified significantly. Traditional recruitment agencies often find themselves at a disadvantage, grappling with the intricacies of the legal cannabis market. This gap in understanding extends to grasping the essence of company culture and the diverse roles that define the industry.

This guide delves into strategic recommendations to optimize hiring within the cannabis sector.

1. Initiate a 'Connect Call'

Maximizing the effectiveness of recruitment services begins with a 'Connect Call'. This interactive session, a cornerstone of Indeed's recruitment strategy, is designed to foster a collaborative dialogue. By engaging in this Q&A format, employers and Indeed can craft a tailored recruitment plan. The outcome? A set of precision-targeted screener questions, honing in on the selection criteria and facilitating the connection with suitable candidates.

2. Engage Hiring Managers

Empowering your recruitment process with a dedicated hiring manager can significantly enhance the selection procedure. Although Indeed recommends leveraging its expertise to vet candidates, this approach raises a question: Does it dilute the value of employing a specialized agency, especially in a niche market like cannabis? The expertise of a hiring manager, familiar with the nuances of the industry, can be invaluable, yet it underscores the necessity for a recruitment partner who profoundly understands the industry.

3. Transparency in Salary Disclosure

A compelling revelation from Indeed highlights the impact of salary transparency: revealing salary details can boost applicant volumes by up to 40%. In the competitive cannabis industry, this transparency attracts more candidates and aligns expectations from the outset, setting the stage for more meaningful engagements.

4. Prioritize Prompt Feedback

A swift review of each candidate is advised to leverage Indeed's offerings fully. Timeliness in feedback ensures a dynamic and responsive hiring process, keeping potential hires engaged and informed.

5. Streamline the Interviewing Process

Indeed, it advises against protracted, multi-stage interviews, noting a significant drop-off in candidate interest with drawn-out processes. A streamlined approach, favoring direct, on-site interviews over preliminary phone screenings, can enhance efficiency and candidate retention.

So, Does Indeed "Work" for Cannabis?

While Indeed's methodology may prove effective across various sectors, the cannabis industry presents distinct challenges that warrant a more nuanced approach. The process, often perceived as cumbersome due to its multiple stages and the reliance on hiring managers places a considerable burden on employers. This strategy might overlook the industry's need for specialized talent acquisition. For businesses within the cannabis industry, achieving hiring success requires a blend of industry insight, streamlined processes, and a partnership with recruitment agencies that truly understand the unique landscape of cannabis commerce. Let this guide serve as a beacon for navigating the complexities of cannabis recruitment, aiming to match the right talent with the right roles in this dynamic industry.

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