Is it time to fire your recruiter?

Jul 28, 2023

How do you know when you are in a bad relationship with your recruiter and it’s time to move on? We’ve put together the Top 3 signs it’s time to call it quits. 

Today we are going to have a tough conversation. It’s about your recruiter(s). You know, the salesy "person-peddler" trying to get you to pull the trigger on a hire so they can collect their 10-20% commission. From where we sit it doesn’t seem like they have your best interest at heart. We’re here to help you break it off. 


So how do you know it’s not working out? 

  • Inconsistent or Negotiated Commission Rates. Did you find it odd when they showed up late in the month and offered you a 10% rate on placing a candidate in July? Why was it 12.5% in June? Why does a budtender cost more than a delivery driver?
    recruiter commission

It sounds like you might not be having a very honest and equitable relationship with your recruiter. If your recruiter does not have a clear and transparent pricing page, it’s time to find one that does.  

When you are trying to build a winning culture and team, a sales representative with a quota (yes, recruiters have quotas) should not be involved. Consider an alternative option that focuses on Customer Success and long-term wins vs. short-term gains. 

  • They don’t talk about your company culture. As we covered previously, culture is more important in cannabis than other industries. Is your recruiter using the same questions and methods for you and every other business? Are you the same as every other cannabis business? 
    For more on culture in cannabis, check out our blog post on the topic. 

The reason sales reps, I mean recruiters, don’t focus on culture isn’t necessarily because they don’t care. It’s likely because they want to remove any friction that will prevent them from earning a commission. The more they think about your business interests ahead of their own, the longer it will take to find and place a candidate. That is a nonstarter.

With a customizable video interview process, you are in control of what questions the candidate is asked. You control the way candidates are evaluated based on choices you make within a proven methodology.

  • No friction for them but plenty of friction for you. You give your recruiter 2 positions to fill. They promise 10 candidates to review by the end of the week. Thursday evening rolls around and you get this email: 

friction in staffing

You scramble to reorganize your day to review the candidates because you need to fill those positions. It’s not convenient but you did ask them to fill the roles and they have candidates. You should be grateful. 

Repeat after us, YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER. You not only deserve to be met on your terms but you demand and require it. This, again, highlights the difference between Sales and Customer Success. Clear communication and simple process should make for smooth sailing in filling your roles. 



If you’d like to learn more about how EzHire breaks from the traditional model of recruiting check out this resource

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