Why Culture Matters (more) in Cannabis

Jul 28, 2023

Culture is something that happens. As hiring managers and business owners, we cannot force culture but we can make smart decisions to position culture. 

A quick refresher, when we talk about company culture we are referencing how people in an organization interact and work together. Internally, when we think about culture at EzHire, we think about it like a sports team. If all of the players have A+ chemistry, we are not reliant on a single superstar to deliver results. That mentality is what we try to convey to both our customers and candidates. 


Think about your team as rowers. In the image above they are all working together to create as much force and velocity as possible. If they are out of sync, the canoe slows and the weak link causes more strain to be put on the stronger team members. There are two ways to solve this problem:

    1. You have the wrong people in the boat. This is a hard reality in business, especially a small business. The fewer team members  we have, the bigger the impact of a poor performer. That same dynamic likely means a closer connection to the team member and a harder time cutting ties. You are not helping your business by carrying a weak link.
    2. You did not train properly. If you put a group of highly motivated individuals into an unfamiliar situation and they are not successful, that is a failure of management. In a small business, this can be significantly more devastating than having the wrong people. A management failure indicates a blindspot. Ownership and management must always be realistic about where their blind spots are. In this case, an EzHire Customer Success Manager is the most valuable resource you can have to both identify blind spots and provide resources to correct the course. 

It just matters more in cannabis


0_mTe09VsOJbe4_ZCwWhat do all great budtenders/Patient Care Specialists have in common? Passion and knowledge. They care deeply about their work. This is likely what makes them your top performer. It’s what brings customers back time and time again. 

If you were to look at your register during their shifts, would it be higher? Save the time, it would be. 

Passionate and knowledgeable professionals drive results. This is true regardless of the industry. However, that person cannot cover all the shifts. Performance and customer experience degrade and with it your profits. With already challenging margins and regulations this is not something your business can afford. 

Part of what has made EzHire successful is our customized video interview process. Our methodology and questions are designed to build culture. Providing our clients with a menu of tested questions designed to determine aptitude and culture fit for your business. It is not impossible to create a team of A-players, it just requires the focus that EzHire can provide. 

Are you getting the most out of your current staff? Check out our hiring calculator and see if EzHire is a fit for your business. 


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