How to Land a Job in Cannabis During COVID-19

Jul 28, 2023

Have you been waiting for your big break in the cannabis industry? Now’s your time! Don’t be among the thousands of people scrambling to get a job amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath!

We know just as you do how the COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to close their doors both temporarily and permanently, affecting those from independent workers to employees at top companies. Yet, cannabis businesses have fared better than most since coronavirus hit in the US. With the market reeling and dispensaries marked as “essential businesses” in many states, now’s the perfect time to assess all the potential that may lie ahead for you in the cannabis industry.

From us at Fortuna Business Solutions, here are some helpful tips for those looking to dive head first into the cannabis industry, whether its full time, part time or for seasonal temp work.

Be Prepared

Don’t just wing it. First, take the time to research different positions available in your area and determine which you are not only most interested in but best suited for. Keep in mind that COVID has changed the playing field a bit and some positions are in higher demand than others. You’ll find more information regarding which jobs you should be looking out for while the health scare lasts as you continue to read this article.

Update Your Resume

Yup, time to update that resume of yours and don’t be afraid to get creative. Once you’ve identified a position that you’re aiming for, you can fine tune your resume and cover letter to best show your skills in relation to that job opening. If you don’t have any professional cannabis experience, don’t fret. There are so many valuable skills one can obtain through experience in non-cannabis fields that are relevant within the industry.

For example: customer service, like restaurant jobs and retail, translates perfectly for those seeking a dispensary position. If you’ve stocked shelves or have experience in a pharmacy, you’d be an asset on a dispensary’s inventory team. Those with landscaping, horticulture or gardening experience would excel in a grow-op or hemp farm environment.

If it’s been a while since you’ve re-visited your resume, research resume templates online that can provide you with an outline for a great, compelling presentation.

Prepare to Apply Virtually

With an emphasis on social distancing, people are taking all communication to virtual platforms, including job interviews. However, even though you may be interviewing from the comfort of your own home, you should still present yourself in a way that is professional. Don’t think that just because you’ll be working with cannabis you can appear to be anything less than professional. Remember, even though these businesses are booming, it’s still a wildly competitive field to land a job in. Bring you’re A-game, dress your best and act enthusiastic while being true to yourself. You should also find a quiet, clutter-free location where you can conduct the interview.

The great thing about doing an interview at home is that it gives you the opportunity to hide a cheat sheet with company and role specific information to use to guide through the conversation. This can ensure that you nail it but don’t make it obvious!

What Jobs Should I Apply For?

As mentioned above, due to the COVID crisis, companies will be needing certain positions filled immediately while other positions may not be in such high demand at this time. With that in mind, here are some job openings you will be likely to find.

Budtender or Patient Consultant : These are the people at the front lines when it comes to face to face contact with patients and clients. These roles range anywhere from concierge/patient check in to handling product and guiding the patients through their purchasing experience. As mentioned earlier, these roles are ideal for people with customer service experience.

You may be surprised to learn that dispensaries are still hiring Budtenders or Patient Consultants yet marked as “essential businesses” in many states, dispensaries are permitted to be open during COVID since they are supplying a medical service to people who rely on cannabis for relief.

Digital Marketing Positions: Many businesses are strategically utilizing the COVID lockdown as a time to focus on their marketing efforts. Fortunately, this kind of work can be done virtually and remotely. Cannabis companies who are looking to boost marketing will be hiring content writers, web designers, social media coordinator and graphic artists to optimize their online presence. Yet, applicants beware: because cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 Drug by the DEA in the US, the rules and regulations for how cannabis brands can market themselves is constantly evolving and differs from state to state. Having this knowledge going into an interview could make or break your chances for scoring the gig. Be sure to have your finger on the pulse to display a sense of creative and effective marketing tactics.

Delivery Drivers and Warehouse Workers: As most businesses focus on limiting face to face contact, there’s been a boost in online ordering and delivery to obtain product rather than visiting the dispensary. Therefore, there is more demand for both online and in person delivery. This means cannabis companies will be hiring to fill positions for delivery drivers and warehouse workers that can help deliver products.

Harvesting/Trimming Positions: Ideal for individuals who are passionate about the grow and cultivation side of the industry with experience in gardening, landscaping and horticulture. These businesses include CBD and Hemp farms as well as those that stock the dispensaries with THC plants. These roles are typically seasonal, since they’re outdoors yet depending on your location, there could be a need for hiring all year round.

Packager: If you’re detail oriented, good with your hands, quality focused, quick, clean and efficient, this could be the ideal position for you. Be aware that this role will likely stray beyond simply packaging, weighing and labeling product and could include data entry, data transmission, document production and analysis. Experience within a warehouse atmosphere is a plus and basic weighing and measurement skills are a must. These roles are truly ideal for those who have a strong ability to focus on a single task for long periods of time.

These are just a handful of cannabis-related positions that businesses are looking to fill at this time. Although hard to imagine with the current state of the world, it’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry as it continues to garner attention as a thriving business in both medicinal and recreational markets.

Our hope is that this article provides some light during a potentially dark time for anyone struggling land a new position and generate necessary income. We wish you continued good health and the best of luck on your quest to become a part of this growing industry.

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